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Nick Batzdorf
12-14-1999, 08:16 AM
The Sound Quality thread has become interesting again, but it's now 250K or something...in fact, it seems to be kaput.

Time to pick it up with a new thread?

Rail Jon Rogut
12-14-1999, 10:25 AM
Good idea Nick, Netscape Navigator is unable to display the old thread, but Internet Explorer can (maybe it's a Microsoft conspiracy http://www.digidesign.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif).


Recording Engineer

12-14-1999, 11:10 AM
As a 'non testing' newbie dunce, can I just say I apreciate the efforts of all on the DUG testing out the new mixer, and the digi people who made it up for us.
Onwards and upwards!

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Digi Engineering
12-14-1999, 11:26 AM
Great idea Nick! It was becoming quite cumbersome to open the entire post.

I wanted to make sure everyone knew that the dithering mixer requires a MIX card dsp in order to add the dither functionality (it will run on "vintage" farms, but without any changes) Here's the quick overview again: it will add the dither (at the 24th bit level) for the final outputs of any mix bus, as well as for post-fader sends. For example, if 32 tracks are being mixed to output 1-2, those 32 inputs will be mixed to a 56-bit accumulator, adjusted by the master fader to bring the signal within the 48-bits of "non clipping", and then added to the dither signal and rounded to the 24 most significant bits, before being sent out to the TDM bus. If any post-fader sends are coming from any of the tracks, the input signal will be gain-adjusted by the track's gain control (to a 48-bit result), and then dithered and rounded before being sent to the 24-bit send output.
Thanks again for your patience, and for taking the time to listen/compare the mixers.

-Toby Dunn