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Fokke van Saane
12-14-1999, 01:11 AM
Why not add a field in the user profile where the user can state his current protools setup. Then we don't have to mention our PT DAE version numbers, RAM allocation etc. etc. all the time.

12-14-1999, 03:40 AM
Now that is smart!

12-14-1999, 03:31 PM
Unfortunately, we cannot add fields that way to the Ultimate Bulletin Board software. We gets what they gives us in the Profile page, no administrator modifiable fields.
I tried pasting a lengthy piece of text into the "Interests" field, to see if that might be an option, but only a certain amount of characters were allowed. If your system description were brief enough, or condensed somewhat to the major pieces, you can enter it there.
The Tech Support Request Form on the website does have room for your system details, and stores them on your hard drive in the form of a cookie so that you don't have to enter that information every time you use it. But only you and Tech Support have access to that information.

Bruce Paine