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12-13-1999, 01:46 AM
Any tips on how to insert outboardīs to my AdatBidge. Thanks


Fokke van Saane
12-14-1999, 01:06 AM
OK you've got an ADATbridge.
Do you also have two ADAT's or DA88's?
Or any other ad-da converter with adat-lightpipe?
in case of two adat's or DA88's:
Put machine A in analog input mode and machine B in digital input mode.
Make a send by using an output between 9-16 and make a aux input (stereo or mono) on a channel between 1-8. If it's an outboard compressor you have to mute the output of the channel in case, and make the send pre-fader. The aux-input will then be the slider of that track.

12-14-1999, 03:48 AM
Thanks for reply,

In case I want to use dig in, I noticed that I get digital ticks. What to do?


Fokke van Saane
12-14-1999, 08:35 AM
Please be a little more exact in stating your problem.
But i'll give it a try.
It might be a clock problem. Make sure the ADAT runs at the same clock and is set at the same clock rate as PT.

12-14-1999, 08:45 AM
Dear Fokke,

I go out from PT via Adat (dig), out from Adat to TC 2000 or other unitīs analog in.
From there I would like to go Aes/EBU into PT again. In this case I canīt see how to make the Rev unit slave under PT. Otherwise everything is on 48K.


Fokke van Saane
12-15-1999, 02:27 AM
So your setup is like this:

That means that the TC2000 is master, and PT and the ADAT bridge are slave.

Does your ADAT setup includes a BRC with a WORD? Slaving through adat lightpipe is not very sonic.

Does the TC2000 have a word input? That's the only way to make it slave.


12-15-1999, 05:19 AM

No, TC doesnīt have WC and yes, I have a BRC but doesnīt use it as sync in my setup. Iīve got an MTP-AV to do that job for me. It seemes like Iīll have to buy an 888/24 or something like that. Didnīt wanna do this beacause I wanted an easy small system. HA !
True deskīs and recorders seem so much friendlierto me. OR ?...........

Netherlands forever



12-16-1999, 05:43 AM
FWIW: we use a BRC with wordx1 to a dtp ( not too expensive motu unit) we then use the dtp to lock the adats and protools using the brc as the master clock. does the MTP-AV have a word x1 in ? btw works both in 44.1 and 48. Note: 48 clock out of the BRC is stable enough but to get 44.1 you have to pitch down until the BRC reads 44.1 ( this is not really stable engouh for my tasts but does work well enough to get a tranfer in nothing else works...



12-16-1999, 05:40 PM
Dear Geo,

I found my BRC out of question when Iīve tryied the MTP-AV. It syncīs like a jewel.
I earlier hed a PC session8 that was perfect in synciīn Adats/S8. The MTP-AV does it for me. (and Iīm very.......well you know.)


The MTP-AV has Adat sync, Digi Superclock, Wordclock, USB midi.

12-16-1999, 09:11 PM
I find that PT doesn't like to sync to adat so I mak adat sync to it. if you're inputing digital from adat to PT switch thwe adat clock to digi in at what ever sample rate you're running at. no clicks for me.