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12-11-1999, 07:36 AM
PT users,

I am new to this world and want to do some stuff with drum loop programs (like groovemaker or any others that folks suggest). Is it easy to import these files into pro tools? Also, do people have recommendations of good midi drum programs? Is drumtrax good?

I want to do hip-hop or pop stuff with cool beats. Any advice, both technical and artistically, would be great.

many thanks,

12-17-1999, 12:16 AM
please help o knowledgeable digi users!
answer my post, I would be enternally grateful.


Doctor Jones
12-18-1999, 03:17 PM
Yo Philly --

Try Rebirth. Out of the box, it's great for techno, house, and other dance styles. With Mods, you can make just about anything you want. Fun, easy, great sounding... get the demo from www.propellerheads.se.

Send me a cheesesteak!

12-19-1999, 02:47 PM
Which of the cool rhythem software stuff works with PT 5 softwear. (please list)

A friend said they couldn't have done thier album without Acid software, when can I use it on PT 5 on a Mac?

I cant use Logic as I am running ProControl.