View Full Version : 1622 - any good? worth it to get another 888?

Groovey Gravy
12-10-1999, 01:55 PM
Ok, I know that most synths/samplers are only 16bit anyway. I also know about the balanced/unbalanced issue. But I REALLY, REALLY want to get my sound into PT as clean as possible. For this reason, I use apogee A/D for vocals and most live instruments. I have a alot of midi gear and I'd like to hear opinions from everyone (especially anyone that actually did and A/B) about the 1622. I'm willing to pay for another 888/24 or 2 if necessary if it means I'll get better sound into PT from my 16 bit gear (especially from my samplers). If it really won't make a difference, I'd like to know. So if anyone can set this story straight for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Greg Malcangi
12-10-1999, 03:04 PM
In many ways the 1622 is preferable to an 888/24. Most MIDI gear just doesn't output enough level for the 888s, which means going through pre-amps first or putting up with far less bit resolution than the 1622 provides. Remember, the 1622 has adjustable input gain for each of the 16 inputs and you can store the settings.

I've actually re-patched some of my MIDI gear from one of my 888s to my 1622. It's just easier to get better resolution!