View Full Version : Screen resolution in PT24 Mix?

12-07-1999, 05:42 PM
I'm putting together a PT24 Mix+ system on a Mac 9500 and am curious as to what screen resolution any of you find convenient when mixing, especially those who are not using dual monitors. (The dual monitor idea sounds awesome...but way out of my budget).

This will help me decide a) what monitor to get and, b) whether or not I need a pci graphics accelerator (as apposed to a using the standard 4Meg video card).

I don't really have a great need to see all tracks at one time or anything like that. I am a musican and will be mixing my own material, so it's not like I'll be setting fader levels for a whole band in a hurry.

Thanks in advance for any reply.

Tom Dexter

Didier de Roos
12-10-1999, 01:16 PM

sorry to appear snobbish, but in my opinion the only way I can use PT is with two monitors...One gets the mixing desk, the other the edit window. I used to have two 17" screens for that purpose, at 832*624, but I switched one month ago to a dual 19" screen setup at 1024*768. If your budget is really tight, I would advise you to at least choose a good quality screen (like a Trinitron), and to run it at 832*624 in 256 colors: that would suit your video card requirements, as well as accelerate the screen refresh somewhat. It so happens that the dimensions of the fully open mixer page, with sends and inserts, fits exactly that height (624 pixels). Don't go for a 15": you would ruin your eyes trying to see what's going on, even if you're young...

Hope I've been a little bit helpful, and good luck!


12-10-1999, 02:03 PM
Thanks Didier. We planned getting a 19" most likely, 17 at least. When the budget permits , I think we may go for the second monitor. Actaully, it sounds as though two 17s may be a smarter goal than one 19.

Interesting point about the 256 colors and refresh rate. I'll remember that.

Thanks again.


12-10-1999, 04:50 PM
I work on a 21" monitor for editing, and a 20" monitor beside it in the mix window.

I used to use one 17".. don't know how I ever did it! With a 17" monitor to be had for under $300, it might really not be out of reach to go for a dual-monitor setup. Saves SO much hassle!


Oli P
12-13-1999, 05:28 PM
Maybe it is out of your budget range, but I use a 24" widescreen monitor in 1920x1200.

It gives you a lot of faders simultaniously, and updates faster than a dual monitor setup.

Also improves your speaker placement.

12-13-1999, 07:04 PM
2 x Apple studio display flatscreen 15' but = "same view as 17 inch" (?) are v sexy and knock everyone out. They are flicker free and don't interfere with single coil guitar pick ups (buzzing). I dig em! pricey, but they impress clients no end........slightly flimsy build though, one stand has bust already....

Dead Space
12-15-1999, 12:43 AM
We've got the same flat screens and I have to agree with Jules. Fairly easy on the eyes, everyone ooos and ahhhs over them. Also, like Jules, we have one broken stand (only about 4 months out of the box). A common problem with these Apple displays perhaps?

04-02-2000, 07:24 PM
Can you two monitor guys tell me how you select which monitor the mouse effects? ESC key?

Nick Batzdorf
04-03-2000, 10:28 PM
And just to prove that people are all different, I use two 17" monitors set to 1152 x 870 for Pro Tools (otherwise they're set to 1024 x 768).

Marc Edwards
04-04-2000, 08:28 AM
joepopp, you just move the mouse pointer past the edge of on monitor into the next...

Anyone know the difference between the new graphite digital TFT monitors, and the B&W TFT monitors? (appart from the fact you need a Sawtooth G4 for the new monitors)


04-05-2000, 08:55 PM
I use three 17 inch NEC's @ 1280*1024. I am attempting to find some way to use three or four DVI flat pannels at 1280*1024 or 1600*1200. I am serious. Logic, and/or Digital Performer make much better use of this desktop space. Three or four hi-res monitors for PT may be overkill--I don't know. I rarely boot PT, as I much perfer a Pro Sequencer...