View Full Version : working between 16 and 24 bits

12-06-1999, 09:33 AM

We do computer animation, and our video editor is not (and does not anticipate being-) able to read 24 bit files. We prefer to work back-and-forth with each other throughout the process of producing the videos, which was fine with 16 bit ProTools. Now I am stuck dithering out to 16 bit for him.

No problem until he makes timing changes based on picture -- then if I want to re-do anything about the sound, I have to either re-convert the 16 bit file up to 24, or spend an hour aligning my 24-bit files to his re-edits.

Here's the question:
-bounce out as 24 bit
-convert to 16 bit for him (identical name)
-he makes edits based on the 16 bit file
-he exports me an omf of his changes to the file.

Now, if I open that omf, with only the 24-bit file (same name) for PT to refer to, will it use that file? Or is it smarter (dumber) than that?



12-09-1999, 07:48 AM
anybody know?