View Full Version : ST39175LW Barracudas with PT24 Mix+?

12-05-1999, 04:49 PM
After extensively searching this forum for disk drive recommendations I think I'm going with two 9g barracudas for my 24 Mix+ system.

Is anyone out there using the ST39175LW model? Is this just the new 'third generation' version of the ST39173 series? Apparently it has a faster seek time than the ST39173.

On a related issue. I am probably going to use a scsi accelerator and an external enclosure. But initially at least, I would like to use them inside a 9500 Mac on the fast internal bus. Would this cause any cooling problems? Would I need to add a fan, and if so, how?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Tom Dexter

Steve Rosenthal
12-06-1999, 10:48 AM
I'd add a fan kit if you're using them in a 9500. Since the 9500 is all plastic, there's no heat-sinking for the drives.

APS has fan kits for the 9500. They run about $50.

--Steve Rosenthal, Digidesign ETS

12-06-1999, 06:40 PM
I'm using ST39173n and getting 31 tracks on internal mac scsi bus ..9600/300 mhz..protools 4.3.2

12-06-1999, 07:29 PM
Thanks Steve. I'll check that out, though
ASPs web site www.asptech.com has been
unavailable for 2 days (doesn't even have
a DNS entry). Let me know if you have any
insight on that ST39175LW barracuda. The
qualified models are getting impossible
to find.

Thanks Rio. By the way, is that track count
on one of those barracudas or two?

Also, if anyone knows for sure how many
free drive bays are in the 9500s please
let me know. I believe there are 2. Another
thing I'm not clear on is what other scsi
devices in the 9500 are on the fast internal
scsi bus (the existing hard drive, cd rom??)

Thanks in advance, and thanks again for
the advice.