View Full Version : Impirical Labs Distressor as tape / valve simulator on drums, tips?

12-04-1999, 10:11 PM
Drums direct to PT, no tape (hold that thought). I have realised that my 2 x distressors may come in handy as they have a fattening distortion / tape simulation FX.
Any sugestions for settings ???

Dead Space
12-05-1999, 10:32 AM
I don't usually compress drums to "tape" (just a personal preference). Unless you're certain of the compression you want to use, try the 1:1 ratio and Dist 2 or 3. Then just drive 'em until they just tickle the red clip light. I've also found that using an old Neve or Calrec mic pre adds some natural compression and smoothness.


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El Guapo
12-24-1999, 12:37 AM
I've also got the distressors and mostly use them on Bass. Also just got the McDSP which has pre-sets for distressor. Just started using it and it made a weak snare POP out using a "distressor" like pre-set.

12-24-1999, 04:38 AM
Thanks, I think after your answer and some on another newsgroup, I will stick to using them on room mic's and other stuff and not use em on the close drum mics, too risky!!
Have a good holliday all!

Mick F. Cantarella
12-24-1999, 08:20 PM
I've used the Distressors on Kick and Snare with good results. Sure, why not?


PT III TDM 4.3.1, DAE 3.4, Mac9600/system 8.1

Steve MacMillan
12-24-1999, 09:42 PM
Catching a vibe is so important while tracking with musicians, so I wouldn't be afraid to use compression to tape if the music calls for it. If you are afriad of locking yourself into something too radical then print additional flat safety tracks or use the compression on the playback side.


12-26-1999, 04:52 AM
I've got a Tube Tech reserved for kick & Snare!
I read a post on the newsgroup rec.audio.pro, that while you might whip out low 'bonk' frequencys on drums to analog, mabey it's a good idea to chill out taking too much of them away while going to digital....
Almost 40 now, I had gotten close to getting bass end on analog perfect....Now I discover thats supposed to be the hardest thing to get sounding good on digital!!!
Age 90 I will say "I've finaly got it!" then drop dead.
Bass, the final frontier! "Something wonderfull is going to happen" (movie 2010)


Studio Dweller
01-03-2000, 01:02 PM
Just this weekend, I got one of my best bass sounds. The signal chain was very simple, Steinberger bass w/Bartolini pickups directly into the the hi-z input on a Peavey VMP-2 preamp into a Distressor and then to the 888|24. The Distressor was in "opto" mode, with no more than 3 db of gain reduction and the "Dist 3" engaged. A very full, round bass sound. Nothing thin about it. I too come from an analog background, but this bass sound holds up to anything I've gotten out of my analog recordings.

Larry Bentley
Cellar Dweller Productions

01-04-2000, 06:19 PM
Well alright! I've promoted the Joe Meeks to room duty so the distressors are free for bass!