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Charles Deenen
12-03-1999, 05:25 PM
Is it possible now with PT5 to use HFS+ drives. The documentation doesn't say anything about it, but slightly points towards it...


Steve Rosenthal
12-03-1999, 05:56 PM
Yes, HFS+ is supported with 5.0.

You will notice a delay when the Pro Tools primes for recording (the period of time between hitting Record and the drives actually begining to write data). This is a consequence of having to account for the increased number of allocation blocks under HFS+. There is a preference that allows you to preallocate less space than the whole drive, which will speed up record priming.

There is no delay associated with playback.

--Steve Rosenthal, Digidesign ETS

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Charles Deenen
12-03-1999, 07:07 PM
Thanks steve !

05-04-2001, 05:26 PM
I have formated my drives with HFS+ and have noticed the record start delay. I have limited the disk allocation to 20 minutes and this has generally helped. However, as my hard drives get more and more full the delay starts to creep back in and I have to allocate less time. It gets to the point where I have to allocate 4 minutes of record time. This is a problem. The solution has been to optimize the drive and things get back to normal. Is there any other solution?

This raises another question. I opened speed disk to optimize my drive and I looked at the graphical representation of the fragmentation. My audio files were scattered randomly all over the place. Why does the information get scattered all over instead of being organized in a more linear fashion? Any ideas?