View Full Version : best method for final mixes

Will Russell
12-01-1999, 04:58 AM
So what is the best method for doing final mixes from PT? Should I bounce from 24 to 16, or mix dig out to a dat with dither? Which sounds better?

Will Russell
Electric Wilburland Studio

Jonny Atack
12-01-1999, 05:18 PM
If your mix is going to a mastering house, stay in 24 bits, bounce to disk, and if needed put it on a 24-bit DAT afterward via AES.

If you're mastering it yourself without going back out to analog, then bounce 24 to 16 bit as the very last final post-mastering step, with dither (I like Waves L1+ dither or, even better, Apogee UV22). Bouncing to disk is better than to DAT because DAT uses error-correction schemes.

12-02-1999, 06:34 AM
What if the audio is 16-bit (from DAT mix master) and mastering was done w/24-bit mixer. Is it necessary to dither while bouncing to disk?