View Full Version : Antares Microphone Modeler....

Robert U
11-27-1999, 05:57 AM
Just curious... Have anyone tried, heard,seen it???


Eric Bazilian
11-29-1999, 12:33 AM
Got to hear a quickie demo...somewhat impressive, but most likely nothing one couldn't accomplish just as well with a little EQ and such. Maybe if they had nifty little pictures of the "Mics" a la Amp Farm to tickle the senses it would be a bit more "convincing". Certainly a respectable endeavor on Antares' part, though.

Eric Bazilian/Dingbat Sound
"Music Is Good"

11-30-1999, 03:52 PM
I've heard about this as well.
I am assuming (like eric said) that all it can really do is some eq, and maybe slight changes in ambience.

I'd really like to hear from someone who has used it as well.