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11-26-1999, 02:46 PM
I'm filling my disks with faulty takes, so how to get rid of them? Safely. Thanks.

Ray Lyon
11-26-1999, 04:27 PM
This works for me... select "all" in the file region box and click "select unused". Then delete the files from the disk. Click "yes" when asked about removing files from the session. Then select all files again and compact them. After this, delete unused takes from the channel strips. This should get rid of most faulty takes. Sometimes a take will slip through the cracks... when a song is finished and I'm about to archive, I will trash the extra takes manually by comparing the region list/file with what's actually on the hard disk in the finder. Hope this helps.

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Kenny Gioia
11-28-1999, 09:13 PM
You actually don't need to hit select all first. Just hit select unused. Then hit delete. Or shortcut hit option-click Delete button and it will bypass all those pesky Dialogs.

11-29-1999, 07:48 AM
Another thing you can do, if there's no question you won't want the take, hit the Apple button followed by a period BEFORE you stop recording.

Also, be aware that even when you record a new track, if you don't go longer than the previous take, part of the previous region will remain on the track unless you've already deleted it. The problem with this is that in the non-destructive record mode Pro Tools won't allow you to delete that take if there is even the slightest bit of it left on the track. To remove a reigon from a track, highlight it and hit delete. It will still be in your reigons list (and taking up disc space) until you select it and use the "delete selected" command from the Reigons pop-up menu.

11-29-1999, 10:18 AM
I'll just repeat what I already said in one of the previous threads on this subject:

"1) In the course of the session, when recording, comping and duplicating to create new files, don't think about unused files too much. Plus, choose NOT to "Display Auto-Created Regions" from Display menu (just to avoid cluttering your Regions list)

2) At the end of the day (or session), choose to "Display Auto-Created Regions" from Display menu

3) From the Audio Regions List, Select Unused regions EXCEPT WHOLE FILES, then Clear Selected and Remove them (the only option in this case)

4) From the Audio Regions List, Select Unused Regions and choose to DELETE them. Some of them will not want to be deleted, 'cause parts of them are still used in the session. But don't be fooled by that - say OK to every question = remove them from the session. At this moment, if those little parts of the removed whole files are also removed from the session in the future, PT looses any connection with those files and completely forgets that they are still on the hard drive... That's why I had to invent (discover?) the next steps:

5) With your session open, Hide ProTools and go into Finder and open the session's Audio Files folder

6) If you haven't done so already, create an alias of your ProTools application on the Desktop

7) From the sessions Audio Files window Select All Files and drag them onto the icon of the PT app alias. Remember that your session must be open for this trick to work!

8) Go back to PT, and what do you see in the Regions list? All those long forgotten files!

9) Select Unused again, Clear Selected and DELETE them! Gone forever...

10) Now, preferably after mixdown, you can safely select ALL and Compact Selected, choosing whatever amount of padding, just to feel safer. AND THAT'S IT!

Well, I hope I am making myself clear. Read the above carefully. I assure you, you can get used to the procedure. It saved my life (and disk space), now it can save yours. Happy deleting!"