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11-24-1999, 09:19 AM
What is the best plug-in for removing analog hiss and noise?

I want remove analog hiss from a vocal on a song where the vocal is very exposed but needs to be brightened a lot.

Do these plugins really remove the hiss so that after you have processed them, you can add a shelf of say 5db (or more) @ 8kHz and not get the noise roaring back?

Thanks in advance

11-24-1999, 11:13 AM
The digidesign DINR software is actually a good hiss remover. Try that.

Peter Steinbach
11-24-1999, 07:41 PM
You should try to arrange for some sort of demo before you plop down $1000 for DINR. You may be disappointed to learn that it is NOT the end-all of noise removal. It does help some, in some circumstances it does a very good job, but don't expect miracles. -ps

Oli P
11-25-1999, 03:18 AM
Apply the EQ before using DINR, and bounce it to a new track. It is much easier to determine the amaount of DINR required, while you hear the hiss increase from the EQ.

The modulation caused by the DINR is usually the biggest problem, but try to find passages where only the hiss is present, and get your settings done with that portion of audio.

You might find that it needs different settings on various parts of the track, so maybe you need to bounce it to several tracks, and then cut and paste the best results together afterwards.

I have tried DINR on such complex recordings as live strings, and must say it does a pretty good job.

Good luck :-)

Nick Batzdorf
11-25-1999, 11:22 AM
I assume everyone knows this, but try DINRing twice - go as far as you can without ruining the signal the first time (up to 6dB usually), then run it through again for another few dB of NR.

11-26-1999, 02:08 PM
Thanks guys,

Is DINR the only pro level NR plugin out there, or is it the most affordable one for the quality?

Any other suggestions?


11-27-1999, 05:11 PM
Hi Strat,

Try This: Copy your track and then put the copy out of phase. Run the two of them together. If itīs right there wonīt be any sound at all. Put an EQ on the org. and the Copy (just for gettin the same delay of the plug). EG down or up the copy on the freq. you need for your Vocīs. The freq thatīs not EQ:ed will go out of phase. Dissapear. Now you prob. got a cleaner. Just try it and tell.



11-30-1999, 09:44 AM
You have to try the Waves C1 compressor-gate. It is usable as both an Audiosuite or a TDM plugin.There are some very effective noise reduction presets in the Setup Library folder which is usually located in the Waves folder on your drive. There is a setting called C1 Noise Reducer 2 that usually does the trick for me, but there are many others as well. The one I just mentioned filters out hiss and in most cases leaves your track sounding clean.

11-30-1999, 05:55 PM
Try Arboretum's Ionizer.It's very similar to DINR but gives you more control.Cheaper too!

12-05-1999, 09:33 AM
Thanks guys,

Great suggestions.


12-06-1999, 01:35 PM
What about really bad ground hum? The kid who did this video had very low level mics and there is ground hum everywhere! I've tried all the below tips and nothing does enough. Any tips?

sorry to stray slightly off topic...


12-07-1999, 03:35 AM
Hi Adam,

Have you tryied the the old fashion way above. Make a copy out of phase and eq up (or down) hard the things you want.


12-07-1999, 06:49 AM
Mats -

I have tried that - the noise is so broad-band that bringing up where the dialog is brings up that part of the hum, too.

fyi, I have the demo of ionizer. The removal of the hum is amazing, but the dialog sounds like robots now. Is there a better way to use that software or a better tool out there?

Still experimenting,