View Full Version : HELP: Too Many Saved Versions of Each Track

11-22-1999, 03:03 AM
Why am I getting like 59 versions of each track after I save the file when the last version is really the only one I need.

Floor Tom 1
Floor Tom 2
Floor Tom 3
Floor Tome 25

When I track if we make a mistake, I just rewind the transport and start over but I think it is saving everything up to the point of success.

What am I doing wrong ?
How do I get rid of versions that are not of any use?


11-22-1999, 07:57 AM
Maybee a stupid question, but are you recording in destructive mode?


Robert U
11-22-1999, 11:47 PM
To get rid of redundant audio:

Go to the audio menu and choose "select unused => regions". Then choose "clear selected". You'll have the choice of removing or deleting which is up to you! http://www.digidesign.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif

Good Luck!


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