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Omar Rane
11-18-1999, 11:06 AM
Any advice on syncing my tascam DA38 to Pro Tools.


Fokke van Saane
11-18-1999, 11:38 AM
There are boxes available that make timecode or MTC out of the ABS code from the DA38. You can slave PT on it if you have an interface for that.

Rich Breen
11-19-1999, 11:55 AM
Yea, the MMC38 from Tascam works great - You'll need to tie them together with Word Clock though...


Omar Rane
11-19-1999, 02:10 PM
Thanks for your replies,and sorry for my thick scull, but I guess I'm not quite understanding yet. If I get an MMC38 from Tascam,that allows the DA38 to output word clock? Then I need an Ardsync or Motu Digital timepiece to recieve that word clock and input that to pro tools which then syncs to the DA38?, or do I need something else from Digidesign? or am I really just not getting it yet?

Fokke van Saane
11-20-1999, 12:52 AM
It's more simple than that. I don't think there's a need for a word clock connection. I own a DA88(+tc) and an DA38 so i donnot have a MMC38 but i believe there is no word connector on it. Just connnect the da38 sync out to the MMC38 and it outputs MTC or SMPTE LTC. Do you have a midi timepiece or any other LTC or MTC to mac converter?
Look at tascam.com

By the way, i found a diference of 1 frame between the MTC and LTC outputs on my DA88(SY88). The MTC is late.
Fokke van Saane

Rob Macomber
11-20-1999, 05:50 AM
To accurately Sync a DAW..Pro Tools with a digital tape machine....You must have a common Clock Reference (eg:Word Clock}.....and Address (horizontal Reference... MTC/LTC). If you use something like a USD(Universal Slave Driver)....it covers both speed Ref and address Ref. The USD will send word clock ( 44.1 or 48K ) to the Tascam and to the ProTools System ( actually superclock to ProTools) and distribute LTC to the Tascam and MTC to ProTools. You need a Sync Device for Your DA-38 to receive LTC and Ref word Clock....then send out Tascam DA-88/38 Sync out to your Sync in port. I think something like that is offered by Tascam. Ideally this is why the DA-88 with an SY-88 Sync card is desirable. ( easy )..the RC 848 from tascam will do this too...

If you have a USD, PT 's sample clock is Slaved to it( by design). You just take word clock out of the USD...and in to the Tascam ( now they reference the same sample clock )....then LTC out of the USD and into the tascam. In ProTools session setup menu choose generate time code via USD. ( you must first set up the USD in the Peripherals dialog-'setup menu') then when you put ProTools online (command 'J' ) and you press play ...the USD generates MTC and sends it to PT ...and LTC and sends it to the Tascam. The key is that they are both running off of the same SAMPLE CLOCK!!


Omar Rane
11-22-1999, 12:17 AM
Oooohhh! I begin to undastand, ya! Thank you, thank you...

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Rich Breen
11-23-1999, 10:08 PM
Omar - Yes, you need to reference everybody to a common Word Clock regardless of who's locking to who's code, the SMPTE is only good for positional lock, not continuous sync. In my case, most of the time the DA38s and ProTools slave to my 02R's word clock, and ProTools gets positional information from the MMC38's SMPTE through an SSD. You could conceivably slave ProTools to SMPTE only and transfer analog, but I wouldn't recommend it for obvious fidelity reasons.

Just to be clear here - the MMC38 only outputs LTC and MTC derived from the DA38's address track - it does not allow the DA38 to lock to SMPTE from another source. The DA38 has a word clock input on the back.

Hope that's helpful,

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11-26-1999, 01:40 PM
Along the same lines, I am trying to sync a Sony MCI 2" analog machine to 2 DA-88's, a DA-38, and Pro-Tools.

I have an SSD which takes care of the sync between pro-tools and the 88-38 combo. I also need a synchronizer to control the motor speed of the MCI, any suggestions for an inexpensive synchronizer?


Jonny Atack
11-28-1999, 08:51 AM

I have the same setup. The Timeline MICROLYNX with AGC-2 card (plus a special cable that plugs into the back of your MCI where your varispeed cable from the remote plugs in) is supposed to allow the MCI to be slaved and serves as a master clock and master remote controller for all units.

I'm trying a test installation in a week or so. Only problem is, the price estimates for the gear have been in the $4500 range...

On the other hand, I've been told that I don't need an SSD or USD with that setup. Will post once we see how it works.

For much more info, check out the Timeline website. I don't know of any cheaper way of getting the MCI to chase, but would be happy to learn of one!

12-03-1999, 12:12 AM
Omar,This is real easy use a Digital Time Piece and thats it. I had an MMC38 hooked to my Da38's and ran the midi lines to an Opcode 64X and I would run PT/24 and my tracks and transfers would drift because of the midi. I bought a Digital Time Piece and the sync out on it goes right to the sync in on the first 38 set to id 2 and sync out of that to the next 38 id 3 and so on. Then I come word clock out to my Yamaha board and super word clock(256x) out to PT/24 the DTP is the master and the Clock works software will allow you to control the 38's track arm,delay,and alot of locate points. Now I'm really in sync transfers are awesome. I did a test when I first got it I transfered a snare from the 38 to PT sent it back on another track called them both up on the Yamaha listened to both no flanging the were right on top of each other then I panned them one left one right to really hear if the hits were off and it was prefect. I know it cost more then the MMC but I tried both this locks and I don't have to wait for it to drift any longer in front of people asking why there playing is behind the beat when the other day it was right on. Now it is always on. By the way the MOTU manual will tell you how to setup PT or the 38's to be master if you want Ronni

12-07-1999, 08:19 PM
Jonny Atack,
I just got an e-mail from someone else with a Sony MCI using a Zeta III synchronizer, there was one for auction on e-bay for $400!
I don't think the e-bay price was indicative of the value of the synchronizer though.

11-26-2000, 11:12 PM
I will read these post again to try to figure the best way for my situation.
-2 PCM 800's
-PT's Mix+ AV option
I am use to controling everybody from my DAW. I'm hearing I should go with MMC for the PCM 800's and Gallery 009 for machine control of the Beta. What do I need to get the MMC to work for the PCM's and can this be run at the same time I'm controling the beta ... ALL FROM PROTOOLS?

Thank you kindly,