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El Guapo
11-17-1999, 08:30 PM
So I do the following:
1. Record a click.
2. Accurately map out all measures from 1 to 126.
3. Drummer has time problems "here and there" which I can now easily see by the Click. I can also figure out where it should be.
4. I Cut an out of time section as best as I can and snap it to the correct grid which moves the section thereby creating a "hole"
What do I do with the newly created empty space? (legally) Fading gets rid of a pop but if a Drum part is moved what fills that empty spot?

OK I'm dumb but I don't get it.

11-18-1999, 06:19 AM
If the snare hit was late in time from the kick drum it means you have to put it forward in the grid creating that "hole".

All the drums are grouped. I cut and move the snare to the left. What I do is then is use the trimmer tool to open up the front of the kick (using the kick as a reference) dragging it to the left until I have a gap only a couple of samples long. This is doubling the decay of the snare which is rarely noticable. If you do hear something unnatural try a batch crossfade.

To avoid pops on the open regions, open preferences and set your "region fade in/out" to 3. This puts an automatic 3 millisecond fade out & in on open regions. This pref allows to cut anywhere through the waveform and never worry about clicks and pops again as long there is a space of at least one sample between the regions.

Check it out.

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