View Full Version : Should I dither at Bounce or In Masterlist?

11-16-1999, 08:54 AM
When I am ready to mix down and bounce a session should I add dither at this point or should I load the 24 bit files into Masterlist and dither to 16 bit at this final stage?



Steve MacMillan
11-19-1999, 05:51 PM
Very good question. I don't think that the dither in MasterList has any special noise shaping, but I'm not such a big fan of that anyway. I'm inclined to print mixes at 24bits and dither at MasterList, then I don't need to print 16 and 24 bit versions of every mix.

I would love to hear what TechSupt has to say about the quality difference between the dither plug-in and MasterList.