View Full Version : Pro Tools vs Logic: Sound Quality

Zep Dude
11-16-1999, 07:46 AM
A while ago, a few Logic/Pro Tools users thought they could hear a difference in sound quality when using Logic as a front end for PT vs the PT software. This was never substantiated except by one or two people who thought mixes sounded more "punchy" in PT but they never reported their listening conditions, if it was a blind test, if levels were matched etc. Has anyone done any real listening tests to determine if there is any actual difference in sound quality?

Although there is certainly a lot going on under the hood we don't know about, if Logic is using the PT PCI card and the 24bit optimized mixer how could there be any difference -aren't the DSP chips doing the same crunching? The only obvious difference might be that Logic seems to have less resolution in their faders.

The other thing that was never clarified was where this supposed degradation took place: during tracking, final mix?