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Mini Me
11-15-1999, 10:50 PM
Has anyone had the opportunity of working with either the Yamaha 02R or the Mackie D8B? I was looking into buying one of them but uncertain as to which one I should purchase. I understand that buying the ProControl would solve a lot of mouse usage, but I'd have to buy a million pre-amps.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Rich Breen
11-16-1999, 10:41 PM
Take a look at:

Might find something useful there...


Mini Me
11-18-1999, 11:49 AM
Thanks Rich.

11-20-1999, 03:50 AM
Hi Dean,

For what itīs worth Iīve been using Yamahaīs different mixers. 01V, 03D, 02R and they all amaze me every time. Inīs, Outīs, Preīs, Post,s whatever you need. Iīve been doin Recīs and Live. Theese small wonders kick me.
Take it for what it is, a dig mixer (not to be compared with a good analog)and Yamaha has the tradition. Iīve heard that Mackie had a lot of problems. Look at: www.mymackiesucks.com