View Full Version : Master X or C4

11-12-1999, 07:04 PM
Which is better Master X or the C4 mastering plugs? Is the Master X comprable to the Finalizer?

Charles Deenen
11-13-1999, 03:08 PM
C4 is better, more control, less artifacts, better user interface.
TC masterX might come from the same people that are doing the finalizer, but it's not the same.


11-13-1999, 03:25 PM
I tried the demo of MasterX and I thought it sucked...sucked and crushed the fidelity out of everything I put through it. Sounded like a toy.

The demo of the C4 at AES was great...can't wait to check it out.

11-13-1999, 04:30 PM
MasterX demo is stupid (like all TC-Works demos). But even when I tried Finalizer I still cannot compress more than with MDT - this means I was not impressed. MasterX can do less than Finalizer, so why bother... Waves is great IMO, try a demo if you're fast enough to make it in 90 seconds http://www.digidesign.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif

11-13-1999, 05:08 PM
I disagree with all of the above. Master X sounds great and is a breeze to operate. I am sure that C4 will be more surgical and precise, just like their predecessors, but you can't knock Master X for its usability. These TDM plugs just keep getting better and better. Look at FilterBank and Compressor Bank for example...

Ron Galbraith
11-13-1999, 05:30 PM
I too like Master/X. It's not a toy, it's very much like the Finalizer. I have them both, and prefer to use master/X. I can't speak for the demo, but the version I have works great.

Didier de Roos
11-14-1999, 07:07 AM
MasterX is a splendid plug-in, it sounds great if you learn how to use it properly. Thoroughly professional and incredibly useful, unlike some other plug-ins lurking out there...