View Full Version : Protools, Fuse, and quicktime sys freezes

11-12-1999, 10:58 AM
PT appears to be corrupting my fuse drivers. I think.

Premiere and movieplayer freeze my entire system on movie playback. PT movie playback is fine. However, if I uninstall and reinstall the fuse drivers, movies in premiere and movieplayer do not freeze on playback. I've tried this with many movies, many different compression rates. If I then work with a movie in protools (no freezes) and then try to use premiere or movieplayer again i get freezes. Until of course I uninstall and reinstall the fuse drivers. But then using PT for movies causes the problem again. I've duplicated this over and over. Any one else encounter this? suggestions?

I have a B&W 350, AM3 and a fuse.