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11-08-1999, 07:20 AM
So, any suggestions on how to import a mp3 file into my protools session?

11-08-1999, 02:55 PM
I just use a decoder to get the mp3 into .aiff. The mpecker, for instance, can do a range of different file types. Hope this helps.

Andre B
11-10-1999, 09:53 AM
We use Soundjam here at Voiceworks because it works with SDII files. You can just bounce your mix to disc and then drag it over to the application for converting to mp3. Conversely it takes mp3's and translates them into AIFF files which you can then import into Pro Tools

11-10-1999, 01:04 PM
But why wont the Quicktime Player play the mp3-files made by SoundJam?

Im trying the SoundJamDemo, and using the QuicktimePlayer 4.0.2.

Andre B
11-11-1999, 07:21 AM

I've questioned Apple about this and gotten a form letter response that basically asked me to download the program again. Done that. No change. In fact, QT 4.02 doesn't consistently play mp3's that have been sent to me that were made with MusicMatch either. I've found that SoundApp is the only one for the MAC that is rock solid for playing any and all of them

Andre B
11-12-1999, 09:27 AM

Did further research on this at the SoundJam site. Quicktime 4.0.2 can't read the id3 tags that SoundJam creates. SoundJam claims that Apple is working on the problem and that an update with a fix is imminent.