View Full Version : 328 Spirit Digital Mixer

11-07-1999, 02:12 AM
What you think abput 328 Spirit Digital mixer fo rPT24?

bruce lang
11-07-1999, 06:59 AM
I'm currently getting started w/PT24mix plus and the 328/adat bridge. So far so good

nick from lufbra
12-18-1999, 06:11 PM

Hmm. Sound quality?

using a pair of tannoy system 800's for monitoring (a very poor choice, bring on the NS10's), the mix tends to sound awful through the 328.

Example test.

Record CD into 328, into protools, back out of 328.

A/B comparison.


the 328 makes the mix sound a lot harsher and cold to the ear. the monitors don't help but I think its the 328's pre amps that are the problem.