View Full Version : Waves 2.8...is it safe?

Eric Bazilian
11-06-1999, 10:18 PM
There was so much to and fro about this I've forgotten where it all ended up. Basically, do I finally go ahead and install 2.8 (while remembering to trash the old Prefs) or stick to 2.7 and count my blessings? Running Mix+ on a 9600, etc.


Eric Bazilian/Dingbat Sound
"Music Is Good"

Kenny Gioia
11-06-1999, 10:40 PM
I've been using Waves 2.8 for about two weeks and I've had no problems.

I used to have reactivating problems with 2.6 but they seem to be gone!!!


11-07-1999, 12:38 AM
Waves 2.8 is not HUI compatible.Update should be released soon.

11-08-1999, 03:28 PM
Well,I've noticed kind of a pesky problem with 2.8 and L1 and C1.Any kind of automation moves causes a major train wreck.Other than that everthing's fine.Well,except for lack of metering unless you drive the crap out of the L1.And the dancing "W" seems to hang around a bit longer than before.Hmmmmm,I think that's it.


11-09-1999, 08:32 AM
my sessions running a lot of waves plug-ins take a long time to close,although I'm not sure of a direct correlation yet.