View Full Version : SSD/VSD...what makes them different ?

11-06-1999, 07:29 PM
can anyone please tell me the difference between these two devices, thanks

Rail Jon Rogut
11-07-1999, 04:06 AM
SSD: Smpte Slave Driver -- use it when you want to lock to an unreferenced LTC stream, such as an unreferenced 2" analogue recorder. You feed the SMPTE from the 2" to the SSD and the superclock from the SSD to your Pro Tools interface. The SSD will then phase lock (resolve) to the incoming LTC and adjust the word clock feeding the Pro Tools interface appropriately. This is much like resolving two analogue machines with a pair of Lynx modules.

VSD: Video Slave Driver -- use it when you want to lock to a referenced machine such as a video deck, a resoved 2" analogue recorder, or a digital multitrack. You feed either 1x word clock or video black burst into the VSD and you take the superclock from the VSD to your Pro Tools interface. The VSD converts the solid word clock/video signal to superclock. You need a separate SMPTE to MTC convertion box to read the SMPTE location. Here you feed the SMPTE from your tape machine into the SMPTE to MTC box and Pro Tools uses that for positional information... once Pro Tools knows where it's at it runs at the correct speed, thus staying in sync.

The VSD therefore causes Pro Tools to sound better because the superclock is constant.

The USD: Universal Slave Driver includes the functionality of both boxes.


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