View Full Version : PT PowerMix/PB G3/Digigram VX Pocket?

11-06-1999, 08:25 AM
Hello, I'm a newbie here, but have been researching PT for a while... I'll be recording electric nylon string guitar direct (With stereo effects already present)... No overdubs or other instruments... I don't want to lug a Magma chassis around (Nor do I want to PAY for one!), and I have come up with this setup... Pro Tools PowerMix, PowerBook G3, Digigram VX Pocket audio interface, and a Glyph rack-mount SCSI drive... All of this is supposed to work together, according to all the manufacturers (Except Digi, of course, who for understandable reasons does not certify PB's w/PT)... This way I'll be able to go to any PT equipped studio to do edits if I feel the need to... Anyone out there tried this combo?... Adds/Dis-adds?... Seems like a natural-born killer to me... ;^D Pep