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11-04-1999, 09:05 PM
I just attended the PT5 Tour Demo in Auckland New Zealand, they featured the new Plug-In partner Serato who have a plug-in called Pitch'n'Time - although it's not available yet ... this has to be the greatest time compander algorithm ever developed.
The Serato developer demonstrated the ability to expand a complex stereo track to half speed with absolutely NO artifacts whatsoever. It was so unbelieveble that those who attended spontaneously burst into applause... the plugin has no compromise facility for sound or timing - it isn't needed!
Digidesign said they are lookinh into integrating Pitch'n'Time into the TCEX trimmmer tool within PT5 for the sheer quality of it.
Has anyone else heard it?

11-05-1999, 05:46 AM
Haven't heard anything, but have read similar reports and am anxiously awaiting demos from the web site (www.pitchntime.com I think)


11-05-1999, 06:51 AM
I have been beta testing it and it is everything your saying and more. My guess is that Serarto has created the best pitch shifter ever, but I'm not certain. It seems as if the plugin slows the track down (or speeds it up)then pitches it back to what it should be, no matter how much you slow it or speed it up.

Check out the thread
"Time Stretching and Compression" for more detail.

Go to


to check their web site.

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