View Full Version : Here we go again...Sound Quality

Mini Me
11-03-1999, 01:36 AM
Would and/or is there a difference between the sound quality of a Protools set-up with 888/24 and a stand alone unit such as the new Mackie HDR24/96 or the Tascam MX-2424?

At the moment, I'm using Digital Performer 2.6 with an Audiomedia III card, but somehow the sound doesn't ring as well as it did when I was recording using the AKAI DR4D's?
Would it have something to do with the converters?
Any suggestions?

11-03-1999, 03:43 AM
The A/D/ converters in the AMIII aren't the very best available for Pro Tools, not as good as 888/24 for example.