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11-02-1999, 02:48 PM
Does anyone know of a good outboard mic pre that compares to a Neve or SSL. If there isn't one we'll have to go with these but we'd like to get the most bang for the buck.


11-02-1999, 04:23 PM
How about 2 channels of Ruper Neve's newest desk? Buy a 9098 dual mic pre (fab) or 2 x pre & eq units (more money)



11-02-1999, 06:23 PM
How about the TCElectronic Gold Channel dual mic pre + comp/gate/lim/eq + 24bit A/D?

Might be acquiring one of these.. they go for around $1800 or so. Anyone have any experience with these?

11-03-1999, 08:43 AM
Stick with the 1272s

or a 1073!!!!!!

Everyone compares their Pre's and EQ's to these so why not just get them!

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11-03-1999, 08:47 AM
i use gml mic pre and love it.

El Guapo
11-03-1999, 09:36 AM
If you got to have "that sound" you need the original - it's not really an issue of specs, its just that they sound a certain way.

There are lots of used pieces around for very reasonable prices. Just be careful regarding some internet escrow service, etc. I've had great luck getting API, Amek 9098, Focusrite, Summit,etc. from people who for one reason or another had to unload gear.

11-03-1999, 11:26 AM
thanks for the info...keep it coming.

I'm looking into the TLA 5001/HHB Radius 10 and the API 3124 or 512c.

Any thoughts on these? Is one good for one thing and another for something completely different?


11-03-1999, 05:32 PM
The API 3124 4 x mic pre is great I have one, 19inch rackmount, I cant get into lunchboxes! I regret not getting the mixer option for it! I will upgrade or buy another one with one.... Look into it dont make the mistake I made! Get the mixer option for it! (best of the bunch BTW)


11-04-1999, 12:04 AM
It depends on what you mean by "compares." If you mean sounds the SAME, I really don't know of any which sounds the same.

If you mean technical or aesthetic quality, it gets into some subjective areas. I just tested an ART dualMP tube mic pre coupled with an ART Pro VLA Vactrol/Tube Leveling Amplifier this morning. I just about fell out of my chair. It was incredibly clean and smooth.

We used an AKG414B-ULS (which is sometimes harsh) to cut some voice-over tracks for a documentary. I keep listening to the V/O because I'm so amazed. Definitely network quality.

The thing is, you can get BOTH the DualMP and Pro VLA for about a third of the price of the NEVE. And yes, there are TWO channels on both units.

Is it "as good" as the Neve? I can't say based on a single test. I'll be using it more in the coming weeks for a variety of applications. I'm very reluctant to compare "project studio" equipment to highly accalimed "pro studio" gear. But I've learned over the years that you've gotta keep your ears open and not make assumptions. I'm DEEPLY impressed, and I CAN say that dollar-for-dollar, I don't know anything that comes close.

11-04-1999, 07:14 AM
You should check out a Grace pre. Doesn't have a "Neve" sound, but is definately the same caliber and quality.

11-04-1999, 08:09 AM

Do you have a Grace? How do you like it? What does it sound like?


11-04-1999, 09:20 AM
Yes, the Grace is incredible... its "sound" is completely transparent. I've got Grace, Neve, Focusrite green, and TLAudio pre's. In my not so scientific comparisons, the Grace was the hands down winner in micing Acousitic instruments, nice warm lows and smooth highs, the most open and transparent pre that I've used yet. The Grace is definately worthy.

11-04-1999, 03:08 PM
I have to agree with dBHEAD that the Art tubeMP is the best bang for your buck. They are incredibly cheap but they blow my old Symetrix 528E away.

Compare to a NEVE? Nah. But look at the price difference. And the only reason I wouldn't compare to a NEVE is because they have a higher noise floor. For the price of one NEVE you could have enough of them to have a separate preamp for every mic on a drum kit and still have enough left over to buy some other toy.

But if you really gotta have the absolute best --if you've gotta have that extra nine percent-- I still haven't heard anything which compares to a NEVE. I haven't heard all the preamps mentioned in this thread. But the NEVE really does sound awesome.

Another cheap pre that sounds great is the Aphex Tubessence. Hate the connectors on the front though.

J Harry
11-05-1999, 12:44 AM
Try The Daking- more like a trident a range but still very cool and a good deal

11-05-1999, 10:31 AM
Can't get detailed info from API's website... what does the mixer option add?

11-05-1999, 07:52 PM
Makes it

Four mic (or line) into two (L&R output) with one fx send and stereo return all in one U 19" rack.Or just 4 mic or line in/outs as usual.

Picture on their site is too small to see well.

V.F, Usefull options


Zep Dude
11-05-1999, 11:11 PM
Actually someone is selling the Neve 1272 (I think it's the Brent Averhill stereo rack unit) on rec.music.makers.marketplace for $750. Just get that if you want a Neve. For things like guitar you can't beat them although some of the other high end pres have a warmer bottom and more open top end (my Mastering Labs are noticably more open although I still like the Neve's for electric guitar).

11-06-1999, 10:00 AM
I just have to mention the PreSonus MP20. I just got one, and for the money (around $450) it rocks! I'm using it with an AT4050 and it sounds great on everything I've thrown at it--acoustic guitar, cello, vocals. And the DI is excellent as well.

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11-07-1999, 06:59 PM
I picked up a Manley Dual Mono Mic Pre recently and am very happy with it. It's really clean with a lot of head room and tubes too! Check them out.