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11-02-1999, 01:07 PM
I purchased a Plextor 8220 cdrw drive (scsi) with the intention of using it for producing both audio cd's as well as backups of PT sessions and audio files. I also have a simple Memorex 48x cdrom (IDE) which I thought would restore the backups faster than the Plextor (20x read speed). I assumed a full disk would take 74 min. /48x, or about 1.5 minutes to restore. I'm not using any form of backup software- simply doing a "drag and drop" of the files back onto my audio drive. It seems that both drives take the same amount of time to do the task- and I'm talking over 10 minutes per disk. My audio drive is a 9 GB Cheetah. Am I missing something here? What is the fastest, and most reliable) way to do this. Is it an issue of "xfer rate" and "read speed" being different things?
Also, is cdr a reliable form of backup? If so, is it safe to burn data at the full 8X speed? Is there a way to check a backup for errors? Any suggestions on any of these topics would be great>

11-02-1999, 01:13 PM
beggehorn -

I can't speak to your read-write questions, but I do use CD-R for backups so have some info there:

I use CD-Rs exactly as you describe - however my data backups are not my only copy (of course). I use them for high-access stuff (like final mix sessions, final stereo bounces and master sessions, etc) so that I can restore it in minutes instead of hours to contact IT, get the tapes, etc... I have never had one that didn't read back after I wrote it - regardless of media or write speed (4x is as high as I went). I have heard people say that they would never write an audio CD higher than 1x, but my 4x CDs have never given me trouble, even as a final master.

Toast (from Adaptec) will automatically verify the data on the discs, and you can even do a "compare" command after the fact, where it literally checks each bite on the CD to the original on disk, and logs any errors. That seems to work very well for me.

Hope this helps!


11-02-1999, 03:01 PM
thanks for the info Adam. That eased some of my concerns. Unfortunately, I use NT and can't use Toast but I'm still interested in finding a good way to check the integrity of my backups. I saw another posting in the "storage subsystems" section about a program which would let me burn a multi-cd session (burning more than one cd in a row to store a session that is larger than 650 Mb). Its a pain, and risky, to have to manually assemble several file lists to optimize an audio data archive to fit on a cd-r. Anyone heard of this gem? Also any suggestions on the file transfer issues in my original post?

11-02-1999, 05:48 PM
beggehorn - i read about the program your looking for- check the storage subsytems page- about a week or two ago.

as for your slow recovery, this is normal. remember-48x is as fast as the CD PLAYER will go in FACTORY tests. your system will only go as fast as it's slowest link, which is probably the link between your hard drive and your cd rom. i have 2-4gig drives i move things across. these drives are advertised at 30mb/sec, yeah right! more like 3mb/sec on a good day. manufacturers use these bench-test numbers for max speed irresponsibly. they almost are never able to reach their fastest speed in a real-world transfer.

as for burning speed- everything i have read say you should burn at the fastest speed your burner can go, assuming your system is capable, and your media can handle it. this is due to the cd burner manufacturers tendency to optimise their equipment to burn at the fastest speed.