View Full Version : OS9/PT/DAE Memory requirements?

11-02-1999, 08:51 AM
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Will OS9 fly on the Toolbox, with only 128MB RAM?

In one corner: DAE -42 (OS8.6) In the other, a Memory Hog (OS9) .

Current 8.6 allocations: 30MB for PT (4.3), 50MB for DAE (3.4.1).

Runs good now. (Although I'm not sure about the ideal DAE Audiosuite buffer size ).

OS9 will need around 40-50MB. . .
So I will need to take about 30 MB away from PT/DAE.

I get the impression that I am not using the full 30MB that I am currently giving the PT app, and I may have been a bit RAM-generous to DAE as well. It is hard to tell from the RAM gauge in "About This Computer", it always claims most of PT's allocated RAM is free. . .

What factors would cause the PT app (as opposed to DAE) to run out of memory?