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11-01-1999, 06:31 AM
TO my understanding, lexicon, drawmer, and apogee (stienburger)plugins will only work with older DSPs and not my 24|Mix system. Anyone know if any of them plan on updating their software? I can't find any info on any of their web sites. And does anyone know what specific DSP farm I would need to get to use such plug-ins? I see many for sale, but most ppl aren't spesific as to which version. Is the 24 farm different from the 24|mix farm?

11-01-1999, 09:14 AM
The drawmer plug ins should work with your mix cards, anyway what you need for lexiverb is simply what would be sold as a "vintage dsp farm" they are all the same up until the mix farms. If someone has anything that is not a mix farm, then it is a "vintage farm" which is what you need.

You also need a vintage farm for several other plugins, and most of the 5.1 apps.

11-02-1999, 12:50 AM
Digi's compatibility chart must need updating. Could the same hold true for Apogee Mastertools? Also, is the DSP farm used in the 24 system the same as the vintage or the Mix? I ask because the compatibility chart says some plug ins work with the 24 system, and not the 24|MIX system. Thanks!