View Full Version : 001/LE time code track fix

10-31-1999, 10:45 AM
i am not a programmer, but i bet some clever codemeister could write a plug that converted minutes and seconds to SMPTE and/or footage, and displayed it in a window that stayed up all the time. anyone? or if not a conversion, how about a tc reader plug, that could read tc off an audio track that was recorded in with TC (LTC is audio, after all)

go to it properheads!

angelo panetta
10-31-1999, 11:12 AM
don't hold your breath. But I am trying to get to see LE so I can try out some theroies. I undersatnd you can save your own nudge factor. 1470 samples = 1 fame. I want to see if you can open 5.0 LE sessions in 4.3? it does have midi tc, will it see all the frame rates? is 29.97 one of them?

11-01-1999, 06:50 AM
LE looks like it has all the available TC rates in the session setup window. Unfortunately, it looks like digi is misleading when they claim that you can set the nudge factor to any value - you only can choose from a list of options (quarter note, etc). If digi doesn't come to their senses and put timecode back in, I would like to see a third party add that functionality back in somehow.