View Full Version : copy/paiste ...HELP

10-30-1999, 02:29 AM
I ran into a strange problem and I was wondering if this is normal. I'm doing a multitrack
copy ( drums ) to paiste it into another part of the song. This works fine IF i select one of
the regions and then shift click the rest of the audio tracks to highlight the rest of the
group. But For better accuracy, I like to be able to higlight the bar/beat selector on top to
select the wanted area THEN shift-click the audio regions I want to use for the copy paiste
operation BUT unfortunately this method of selecting does not work...is this normal, why
?? any work around ??? Thanks...HELP

11-04-1999, 10:02 AM
well, I believe that protools is lacking a feature like that.. What I tend to do is to zoom in to frame/beat/sample accuracy and select the start/end points there.