View Full Version : i found a dynamic cd!

10-29-1999, 06:39 PM
i just put in Glass "songs from liquid days" and listened through my hr824's and 1202 vlzpro in my listening room. WOW! what an uncompressed, unedited, un-effects sounding cd! it sounded like when your still tracking vocals before you've screwed up everything in the 'compression phase' the level of this cd is signifigantly lower than a typical "smashbox" cd but low and behold- i found a volume knob on the mixer! this means the loud parts are loud now, with the volume up. (who'd have thought) this cd would lose interest if it were to be edited to death with effects and compression. how about starting a new engineering style - the "minimalism" style? reduce unnessecary compression. leave the breaths in the vocal track. maybe not. it was just so much more an experience to hear the REALITY of the mix...

10-31-1999, 03:32 PM
I'm glad to hear! (There is, naturally, a lot of records out there that has not undergone drastical squashing) Well, thinking about it, another thing springs to mind. This is something I in particular found common when working in England: Filling up the spectra. Yes, not just over-using compression and limiting, but also mixing records in such a way, they get literally full of sound. Sometimes it's a wanted effect, but when whole records are just filled to the brim, it can get very tiring! (And very hard to turn it into a good-sounding record)
An example of a record that don't suffer from this: "World of echo" by Arthur Russel.
(ok, it is almost 15 years old)