View Full Version : Help/suggestion for using send/inserts with stereo trks

10-28-1999, 09:25 PM
Hi everyone,

I just switch to ProTools from Logic recently. Actually I'm using PT
and Logic via IAC bus. My question is regarding stereo tracks in PT.
When I'm using a send with a stereo tracks, should I ( as a rule of
thumb ), bus them ( the stereo tracks ) to a stereo aux or should I
simply use a mono sends for the left and one for the right ?? Does this
make a difference at all ??? I guess I don't have a choice but bus the
stereo tracks to an Aux if I want to use an insert Plug-ins, because
instantiating 2 same plugs for a stereo tracks is a waiste !!! any
thoughts/suggestions ? Thanks,

Eric Lambert
10-28-1999, 09:35 PM
I almost always bus the two audio tracks to an aux-sub. This makes it especially easy when eq'ing since a stereo-linked plug-in will effect both sides instantaneously. And also for the reason you exlained - so that sends can go stereo to other equiptment, busses, etc. Be sure to solo-safe (option-click the solo buttons) the source audio tracks so that, if you ever want to solo this audio, you don't have to press three solo buttons, just the sub track.