View Full Version : Opcode in Business?

10-27-1999, 07:18 PM
I email, I call.......nothing!!!!!! Does anyone know what's going on with Opcode? Is it time to move to other software ?? Performer,Logic, Digi 5.0 ???? Anyone, Anyone, Anyone ????

Eric Lambert
10-28-1999, 09:26 PM
Hey Tom,

There's a large group of people here in Chicago that are really frustrated by the mysteriousness of Opcode's situation, and this is probably the case everywhere there are people using Opcode products. I have heard everything from "bankruptcy" to "reorganization" to "everything's fine" about Opcode. The only OFFICIAL statement from them (actually Gibson, Opcode's parent company) is that they are sorry for the current mess but that it's necessary so that Opcode can restructure for the future. You can find out more about this at the Gibson website's forum.
As for me, I'm looking to the ProTools 5.0 sequencer as a possible place to manipulate MIDI. It's not as intelligent as Vision but I think it soon will be, and having MIDI in the same application as ProTools opens up many doors.