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10-26-1999, 06:32 PM
Is anyone using tube compressors with PT24 as explained below?

I understand that once in the 24 bit realm, the mix should stay in 24 bit until the end, which is what I have subscribed to. However, a partner of mine recently read that the "right" thing to do is to 1st bounce your mix to a 2 track 24 bit arrangment. Then send it out of PT24 to a quality tube compressor to give it the "desired" sound. Of course the "desired" sound has many definitions (the fat, warm, tube sound)

I realize this is an objective question, but I continue to hear strong opinions going both ways. My partner is convinced the tube compressor is the way to go. I am not.

I guess I am really just asking to get a feel for what everyone is doing out there.


Kenny Gioia
10-26-1999, 11:11 PM
I may be confused but it sounds like you're doing the same thing by bouncing first and then Compressing.

Anyway I think it's better to compress as you're mixing. This way you can use the most compression while readjusting your mix for that compression.

A nice amount of compression can really screw up your mix if you weren't aware of what was happening.

The more compression you use when you mix the less likely you are to be disappointed when you hear your mix on the radio with the crazy compression they put on it.

I usually overcompress while I'm mixing and then I'll pull it back at the end to give give it some air.

Maybe even print a few different mixes for radio singles & album cuts.

Peace :)

10-26-1999, 11:16 PM
ratz- who cares what we do? don't get a feel for what people do. do YOUR thing. only YOU are right when it comes to what YOU do.
by the way, i, like your friend, enjoy a good smash at the bounce. (about -3 db at 1.1:1)