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Mini Me
10-26-1999, 03:01 PM
We all know that the ProControl is a mega-mouse, but none the less, Mickey would have been proud. I'm not quite sure weather to purchase the Mackie D8B with their new 3.0 Version coming out any day, with some pretty nifty plug-ins or purchase the ProControl which in it's own way, has a lot to offer.
I would use Protools 5.0 Mix/Plus with extra DSP cards and a few 888/24.
I guess my question is, if any of you had a chance to buy either the ProContol or Mackie, what would you buy?
Any suggestions. Thanks a bunch.

10-27-1999, 07:02 AM
I have had the same question...

I would love having the extra pre-amps, and I suppose you could theoretically send control to PT via midi? Are there practical (noticeable) differences in the speed differential between ProControl (ethernet) and midi communication?

Also, I would assume there is no plug-in control from a digital board controlling PT via midi... bummer.


Tom Pollock
10-27-1999, 10:46 AM
I have the PC and it's great. Took me all of 10 minutes to set up and get working. I've heard MIDI communication is more problematic.

As far as pres go, there are plenty of external units available that will do a better job than the ones onboard the d8b, plus I get to have a selection of pres for different purposes, so I went PC and outboard pres.

10-27-1999, 07:11 PM
Mackie digital console can be used to run sound through or maybe get the AES card for the A/D to with Pro-tools. The Pro-control is an over price piece that looks professional but can only control fader moves. Big Deal !!! Read the problems people have had with this control unit you'll be amazed.

Pro Control = $12,000 +
Mackie = $ 8,000

10-28-1999, 02:36 AM
I paid about $9000 for mine.

10-28-1999, 04:51 AM
I have all the mic pres I need, I wouldnt rely on mackie for that job..
DB8 looks like a grey lump! Who wants to learn 2 automation systems? And use them on the same sessions? What extra cards do you have to fork out for for the DB8? Plenty I imagine.....
Midi control has a bad rep for cr*pping out on long complex mixes with lots of moves.
DB8 seems to be an R&B standard.. curious..perhaps it's the Fat Channel!
I like my Pro Control.

However if Digi aren't pro active on updating the now basic midi aspect on PT 5, I immagine I will be well and truly sunk.

PC can't work with Logic or other 3rd party software in charge. Thats the trade off.

BTW all session paramiters are automatable on PC contrary to what was said above about "only faders"!Thats why I got it! Total session reset.

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El Guapo
10-29-1999, 04:51 PM
I got a mackie d8b first of '99 when they were still shipping boards at full tilt which lit up but did little else. Yes, yes, many companies push things out too soon but this was S*** and eventually they admitted it as I got my $13,000 refund from the retailer.
The ProConctol (which I own) really (almost)fully controls PT. I've had flawless operation for 6 months.

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10-29-1999, 08:07 PM
All I'm saying is; When are people going wake up ? Its all marketing ploys.....Who's going to tell me that a Pro-control is worth $12000 ? Who ? Take your head out the sand!
I agree with El Guapo all you need is a mouse and a computer.

10-30-1999, 12:11 AM
How about moving several (5 each hand!) faders at once to get a balance? On analog boards I do this all the time, it helps me get just the balance I want. Same with EQ knob twisting, sometimes you need to have access to 2 at the same time. PC lets you do this, can't be done with a mouse...

Camilo Orozco
10-30-1999, 07:35 AM
I think that clients like ProControl and feel more confortable working with faders than with the mouse, If this brings more money to my pocket, who cares about if it is worth or not?? It pays by itself.

Good luck

Camilo Orozco

10-30-1999, 08:46 AM
Clients have no idea what works or doesn't work all they know is what they see.(flashylights,moving faders ! Wow !!!

If you need to move 8 faders at a time then how about a HUI ? ($2500)

All I can say is that when a new Pro-Control is introduced the value of an old one will be very, very low...I'd rather buy some Neve pre's or some Neuman mics that can be used over and over again without losing to much value.

Steve MacMillan
10-31-1999, 02:35 AM
Generally if you mix seriously and professionally on ProTools, i.e.; record mix, great ruff mixes, dance remixes, sound design, etc. You will want ProControl for today... because you need it, because it works very very well, and because it is the best of the breed. If you really need it, then you can afford it.

sounds like advert http://www.digidesign.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif

So what's the real deal right now on the Mackie d8b. It looks great on paper but I hear stories of glitches and lockups (like that never happens to ProTools), how well does it work? Any owners?

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10-31-1999, 09:27 AM
i love my hui. mixing with a mouse is a joke. that is not mixing for someone who has spent ten years with their hands on faders. there is a motor-control memory that is useless with a mouse. in other words, there's a desired balance in my head, and my hands on a fader know what to do. trying to implement this with a mouse, or a db value setting is, for me, completely counter-intuitive. i would prefer a PC, i'm sure, especialy with 16 faders. and it does look really cool, but it is just a little hard to justify, as my hui works great, and has for nearly 2 years solid. yes, i got one of the first ones, and yes, it sent it back for the new faders last spring.