View Full Version : PTIII NUBUS, Y cable for 2 882 I/O?

John Hope
10-26-1999, 12:35 AM
is it possible to connect 2 882 I/O to one NUBUS disc i/O card using an Y cable? (the NUBUS DSP FARM cards don't have the connector)
Thenks for your help!

10-26-1999, 01:14 AM
as far as I know it is not possible.
what *is* possible is to buy a 'bridge i/o' card which basically allows you to assign some of the voices from your disk i/o card to a separate 882 (or 888) i/o

10-26-1999, 10:05 AM
Peter is right. There was no Y-cable for the PT III system. There are two ways to add a second interface on a PTIII Nubus system; with the Bridge I/O card or a second Disk I/O. This second solution will also boost your track count to 32 but will use a fair amouint of DSP as well so a second DSP Farm is also recommended in this configuration.

T.J. Thomas

John Hope
10-27-1999, 12:44 AM
thanks folks! (a seller tryed to f... me!) and you saved me!