View Full Version : how to thow away plugins on old session?

10-23-1999, 11:22 AM
I have an old session that has bugs in the plug ins. Problem has been solved but old sessions wont open. when I try to throw away plug in folder within old session folder it auto-rebuildes it self. does anyone know how to loose the plugs that are on the old session BEFORE I open it. Im just after the raw tracks and cant import into new session because they are edited and are not continous files need to open session to finish an album(cd).When I try to open session I get type 3 and type 2 errors?????? only need raw tracks but cant get folder to open ....Help>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!

10-23-1999, 06:46 PM

Then remove the actual offending plug from the DAE folder, plug-ins, (drag it to the desktop) then open session. Pro Tools will tell you "Could not create plug in blah blah".

Session will open, without that plug!

best of luck!

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