View Full Version : Studio Vision @ P.T. or Dig Perf @ P.T.??

Jungle Rootz
10-22-1999, 11:02 AM
I have been having off-sync MTC issues using Studio Vision Pro and Pto Tools together on the IAC bus. Does Digital Performer function properly on the internal bus?

Is it possible to hear both digital audio and midi audio at the same time while flipping back and forth between the applications?


Jungle Rootz

10-27-1999, 05:55 AM
opt.1 Please check your MTC frame is the same 25 0r 30, if off sync again try off set it in the sync off set dialog window,
opt.2 Try sequence after 4 bars, this will stablizie the internal clock system.

Of course you can hear both, bear in my sequencer is SV Pro to play midi instrulments or sound source and Protools is Digital Multi Track recorder to record comfirm sound or to save your sound that you like in wave form.

i think these can of help to you.

enjoy and make good music