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10-22-1999, 08:58 AM
Just got these and the owner's manual recomends vertical positioning but I have been told that horizonal is the way to go.

Any advice?

10-23-1999, 02:32 AM
The drivers needs to align vertically. Whatever anyone tells you, this is the case. Otherwise you won't get a good point source. (Oh, and by the way, you might already know this, but surprisingly many don't: The way to align the Genelecs is, they should cross over just in front of you(!). In other words, the crossing point for the Genelecs is supposed to be about 4-6 inches before your nose. This means the speakers being heavily angled towards center. There is a reason for this, the polar-patterns of the drivers are designed to loose level very evenly across the frequency-spectra as you move off-axis, so that the correct stereo-imaging is kept in a wider area across the listening field. In other words, they are not built to have a "sweet-spot", but rather the other way around. (In fact, I'd avoid listening straight on-axis to a pair of Genelecs.)


Peter Duemmler
10-23-1999, 03:04 AM

is this also the case with 1031AMs?


10-23-1999, 06:37 AM
BENJAMIN. when you say the cross over point should be 4 to 6 in. in front of your nose are you saying if you were to draw a line coming from between the horn and the wolfer at the angle they are pointed that line would intersect 4 to 6 in in front of your nose? where should my ear level be? if setting in front of speaker where should my ear be? should it be between the wolfer and the horn? also how far should the 1032 be from me,book says many diferant things my uderstanding is they should be 2and a half feet from me. thanks for the help. please reply

10-24-1999, 02:59 AM
Most Genelecs, and this especially true with their current range of smaller models, are built not to be too critical about the listening position. So:
1) Yes, they should intersect 4-6 inches in front of your nose, and this is true as well for their vertical positioning. They should not tilt, but be level (vertically).
2) The listening position will be anywhere between (and in front of http://www.digidesign.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif) the speakers. The distance between the speakers should be as per usual with smaller midfields, that is, your general listening positions and the speakers should form a triangle with equal sides. However, you may stretch the distance between them a bit further to get a better point source perception and a wider stereo field.
3) you may also break the rules on another point, it's better that the speakers are vertically just slightly too high to avoid reflections from the desk, since this can create comb-filtering. This problem, However, creates something of a paradox. To avoid reflections, you would tend to put the speakers slightly higher and closer to you, but then you'd start getting to close to the speakers and the point-source would break up.
The 1032's could be positioned 2-7 feet away and 2-7 feet apart with good results. (yes I know you won't get a triangle with equal sides if the distance to them is the same as the distance between them, but just as a general guide). I would recommend 3-4 feet away and 4-5 feet apart.

All of the above is true for the 1031's too, but the distances as described above should be slightly less, (they would probably not do a very good job 7 feet apart and away.)

Also, when you set-up speakers, use your good judgement and your ears. Listen a lot, in many positions throuhgout the controlroom, to a lot of different material, and check with familiar references before you decide on positioning. Also, use good judgement when you work. (If you find that you are always filtering out 200Hz in everything, that tells you something is wrong somewhere.)


10-24-1999, 08:58 AM
Benjamin. thank you so much for the great advice. hope I can help you some time. THANKS !!!!