View Full Version : Transfer Digital Performer audio to PT?

10-21-1999, 01:00 PM
Anyone care to share the easiest way to do this?

The second part of the question involves ADATs synced to Dig Perf and they need to be transfered to PT as well... Of course all synced nicely too.



10-21-1999, 05:39 PM
I'm curious for Logic Audio sessions, so same question but for Logic too!

10-26-1999, 10:33 AM
I just went through this and it wasn't easy. First we tried saving the DP session as an OMF file and converting to PT via OMF tool. Unfortunately, OMF tool 2.8 leaves a LOT to be desired. Track names, volume and pan information are all missing. Looped audio is not mapped correctly, either. Only the first region is displayed. But the worst part of all was the time stamp of the file was totally ignored. All sound files began at the session start, with subsequent regions offset correctly. So, unless you want to hand copy all loops, and reposition the start of each track, you can forget about OMF tool. I should mention that a call to MOTU tech support (they actually answered the phone pretty quickly!) blamed the problem on OMF tool and not Performer's failure to time stamp the files. I really don't know who to believe and I didn't feel like wasting time calling Digi tech support to have them tell me it was MOTU's fault. I posted a request for this same topic a week ago in the OMF forum and no one from Digi replied, so thanks for nothing.

The way we ended up doing it was to individually bounce each track from the session start to the end of audio. Then all tracks could be imported into a new PT session in one shot. Disadvantages are obvious (bounce time, extra disk space). Also, the ignore automation option didn't work and the volume graphs had to be manually deleted. But at the end of the day, I had the DP session in PT and went on my merry mixing way.

It was quite a pain in the ass, and if the DP setup had more plug-ins, I might have considered staying in DP to mix. I'm sure I would have discovered SOMETHING that could be done better it PT, but I'm not certain. I think from now on, Digi and MOTU are taking the gloves off and may the best one win.