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10-19-1999, 02:06 PM
I've found that whatever I do, wherever I am in a session, if I listen and compare phase between L&R outputs on the 888/24 (1&2,3&4,whatever), they don't align!! This is very serious indeed, and I'm dying to find a remedy!! The right channel seems to be lagging about 4-6 ms, and that's a lot! This does bad things with the bass-response, and high percussive sounds get fuzzy (hats, cyms,..) and old school phasing/MS/stereo imaging tricks don't work too well..
I run PT 4.3.1 on a G3 266mHz with two mixfarms, one DSP farm, one 888/24 interface and a healthy 280 MB of RAM. I've followed all guidelines considering choice of OS, settings and operation. (OS 8.5.1, base ext's, 256 cols,..) Is this for real for everyone? or is it just me?? (try it out, play back a mono signal to a stereo pair on the 888/24, reverse phase on one side, and the sound is gone.. No?, exactly, but it should be.., Patch in a stereo delay on a masterfader in ProTools, slightly delay the left side bit by bit, and voila, it's aligned!! But, what should I believe? At least I need to know where the flaw is..


10-19-1999, 09:07 PM
you're scaring me. i'm going to try it and post results.

J Harry
10-19-1999, 09:36 PM
Tried the phase test on my pt rig and it performed flawlessly. You might want to take your 888 into the shop


10-19-1999, 10:17 PM
My 2 888|24's work perfectly as well...you got a bum I/O!!

You may want to use the digital out into a DAT or something and see what you get there, to eliminate any possible external problem that may exist.

For fun I tested my 882|20, and my 2 adat bridges too, and they are fine as well.

10-20-1999, 01:25 AM
Pwei,... well, thanks for trying it out, I'm happy to find out that this is not a built in flaw.. only thing now is for me to work it out, maybe take my I/O to shop. Thanks.