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03-30-2019, 02:30 PM
Hi everyone,

It's be a while since I posted up here or ever lurked around. After a decade, I am STILL running my Digi 003 controller on my G5 PPC with ProTools 8 on OSX 10. It's a beautiful machine, gives me all I need and I feel no urge to update or upgrade any of it.

That being said, I would like to know if there is a way to acquire legacy plug-ins that used to go with this system. Specifically, I'd LOVE to get a working set of Waves plug-ins for this. I don't know how Avid does anything anymore; I'd heard they did away with the iLok and Steinberg USB keys, and that ProTools has become a subscription service. Before all that, I think the way you used to be able to buy old plug-ins were for someone to sell you their software, to unregister their plug-ins on the iLok systems, and then for you to upload the same serials under your account. Does that sound accurate?

Anyway, all that in mind, is there a way for dinosaurs such as I to acquire the old legacy plug-ins and get them registered and running on my system? There were so many great plug-ins back then. I never got them all. But again, as I say, I'd really love to get the Waves plug-ins.

Hope you guys can advise and point me in the right direction.

Chris :)

03-30-2019, 03:51 PM
I have some smaller Waves bundles that I never upgraded from when they were still authorised via iLok. Theyíre surplus to my needs as the ones I use are included in other bundles I own.

Let me double check if they can still be sold/transferred via iLok and if so, Iíll send you a list if youíre interested.

You might have to pay two transfer fees though as thereíll be the PACE fees and possibly any Waves will add. Again, Iíll have to look into it.

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03-30-2019, 05:04 PM
That sounds lovely. Let me know what you find out. It would be great if these could still be installed and used. I'm not familiar with PACE. That's what I get for not upgrading this last decade.

Only other thing I should mention is that in addition to the licences, I know for sure I'll need the installation software too.

Looking forward to your response, and THANKS!

Chris :)

03-30-2019, 05:59 PM
I have a few old Waves Plug-ins on an ilok. They say they can be transferred.

Aphex Aural Exciter V8
Bass Rider V8
C6 V8
DeBreath V8
LoAir V8
Waves Tune V8
Vocal Rider V8