View Full Version : Wilkinson Debleeder VST

03-17-2019, 05:37 AM
Hey all,
I really want to get Wilkinson Debleeder plugin. I see it seems to say it is VST and works 32 bit.
I have FXPansion ... so I'm assuming I can use that to convert to RTAS.
But before I pay the money, I was wondering if anyone else is/has used it and it works? (not if it does a good job debleeding ... but if it will indeed convert to rtas and work in an older version of PT like mine (PT8.03)
I'm scared I will buy it and it not work, and there goes the $$ :(


03-18-2019, 08:04 AM
Ok, well after listening to a session last night where the snare mic was picking up an incredible amount of cymbal bleed (grrrrr) .. I broke down and purchased the Debleeder plugin from the website (on for $30 USD) in hopes that it would work on my system, using FXPansion, since it is VST.
Good news: IT WORKS!! And though i only tried it briefly on that one track, from what I can see, it works WELL! Much better result than a gate and more natural.
Anyhow, in case it helps anyone else still stuck in the past with an older PT system and windows 32 ... :-)