View Full Version : Coalesce Vol to Clip Gain, Waveform different when zoomed in/out

12-14-2015, 06:59 AM
When I convert volume automation to clip gain, the waveform looks correct when zoomed fairly in. But zoomed out, the waveform resembles the uncoalesced original waveform.
Recalculating waveform overview does not help. Only consolidating or rendering clip gain works, which I do not prefer, as it produces whole file clips.
Is there any explanation/workaround, so that the correct zoomed in waveform is maintained when zooming out ?

Picture 1 : volume automation, a big volume dip in the massive peak
Picture 2 : this volume automation coalesced to clip gain, zoomed in (this is correct, because it looks like the waveform when rerecording this track to a print track)
Picture 3 : same as Picture 1, but zoomed out. On the left, the massive peak "rises" again.