View Full Version : Using a footswitch on a Behringer BCF2000 for Quick Punch

12-13-2015, 05:31 PM
I have been looking around to try and figure out how to use a footswitch to control Quick Punch recording and other transport controls like stop and play.

The BCF2000 is working fine in BHUI mode as per the setup outlined in this very helpful set of YouTube videos:

Behringer BCF2000 Control Surface w/Pro Tools (https://youtu.be/JAaaHiEuoHA)

Behringer BCF2000 with Pro Tools - PART 2 (https://youtu.be/6Oh-wmgjtgY)

The transport controls work fine when I am controlling directly from the BCF2000 main hardware, but when I plug in a footswitch it doesn't seem to have any effect. Also, there is an LED indicator on the BCF2000 that is supposed to light up when it is activated. The LED did not light up with either cable when the BCF2000 was pulled into Pro Tools session or when "idling" in standalone mode.

The footswitch is a Hosa FSC-384 (http://hosatech.com/product/fsc-384/) and I tried both a TS and a TRS 1/4" cable just for good measure even though the specs for both the footswitch and the BCF2000 are pretty clear that the 1/4" jacks are TS for both.

My best guess is that I have to dig around in the BHUI preset and explicitly assign an MMC to the footswitch somehow, but I have little experience with MIDI and I am out of my depth.

Any help anyone can offer would be great.

I am running Pro Tools 11.3.2 on a PC running Windows 10 over an i7 3.4GHz with 8GB of RAM.